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PECo Employees Give to United Way

PECo Employees Give to United Way

14:47 02 January in News

pecogroupProcess Equipment Company (“PECo”) celebrated its 65th year in business during 2011 with a return to robust financial health, almost tripling its profits while adding more than 30 jobs – and, in combination with its employees, quintupled its United Way contribution pledge! PECo made it a priority to share its improved situation with PECo employees and to support community programs, most importantly the United Way. “PECo has participated in the annual United Way Drive for the last 5 years, and in 2011 we joined the United Way Board” said Bonnie Bey, PECo’s Human Resources Director. “We decided as a Company to strongly reinforce the efforts of several PECo employees who took a leadership role in the annual United Way fund-raising drive.”

Lori Spencer, PECo Director of Marketing, commented that “PECo was founded in the spirit of giving back to its community. The single most important factor in our successful United Way campaign this year was the positive spirit and leadership provided by Lisa Bratton, our United Way Ambassador, who met personally with every PECo employee to encourage their participation.” PECo achieved 85% employee participation in the program, its best ever. Bratton praised PECo’s employees by saying “PECo’s employees are what make us a great Company and a rewarding place to work. We all feel positive about our achievements of the past year and PECo’s bright future. I could not be more proud of the generosity of my fellow PECo associates in sharing with our community via the United Way.”

PECo looks forward to continued participation in the coming years with the United Way and other community outreach programs.

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