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Manufacturing Jobs Could Be Coming To Dayton

Manufacturing Jobs Could Be Coming To Dayton

13:01 13 April in News

DAYTON — Hundreds of jobs could soon be coming to the City of Dayton.

Process Equipment Company, or PECO, is looking to buy a vacant industrial site off of McCall Street on the west side.

City commissioners are expected to vote on an ordinance on Wednesday that would allow PECO to buy the property from the city.

“With 400 jobs even the gas stations are bound to benefit which should have trickle-down economics for everybody,” said Thomas Smith, who lives in a nearby neighborhood.

He’s lived in Dayton his whole life and has seen its ups and downs.

“I’ve watched as we had probably five GM plants at one point, and now we have none,” he said.

And those downs have created depressed neighborhoods, like the one near the vacant industrial site.

But with the potential of the building turning into a profitable business, the city is booming with confidence.

“These are dreams that could come true really for this area,” said Timothy Downs, Deputy Director for Economic Development for the City of Dayton.

Downs only sees the positive impact PECO will have on the nearby neighborhood, and he’s not the only one.

“Money circulating through the neighborhood again, property values going up, really good for the homeowners down here and really good for the landlords in this area,” said Smith.

The city is expected to approve the ordinance to allow PECO to move in, and that could be as soon as 90 days