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Ohio Senate Again Honors PECo's Achievements

Since our inception in 1946, Process Equipment Company (PECo) has prided itself on its innovative machines, systems, products, and services - all designed to meet the unique needs of the markets and customers we serve.

Production Laser Welding Production Laser Welding Services
PECo's experienced engineers and applications experts will work with you from the start to help determine the best technology and welding system for your application.
Manufacturing Services Manufacturing Services
PECo specializes in the precise, verified machining, grinding and fabrication of large metal products.
Welding Systems Welding Systems
With over 60 years of experience building Welding Systems and hundreds of satisfied customers you can count on PECo to meet your Welding System needs.
Robot End-Effectors Robot End-Effectors
Since our invention of the first robotic collision sensor in 1984, PECo's RAD division has provided our customers with quality end-of-arm tooling products.


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Gear measurement products and services for your gear, spline, and broach inspection needs
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Compliance Devices, Collision Sensors, Deburring Tools, Tool Changers, all your robotic end-effectors in one place
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Machining, Grinding, Turning, Welding, Inspection - Single Source Simplicity in action
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